Wrentham Elementary Schools Trust, Inc.

WEST - Wrentham, MA

Welcome to WEST
- Wrentham Elementary Schools Trust, Inc. (WEST) is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization responsible for raising private capital to fund innovative, educational projects for the Wrentham Elementary Schools. All monies are raised independently through fundraising, tax-deductible donations and matching corporate gifts.  WEST has funded 51 educational grants totaling over $70,000 to Wrentham Public Schools since 2007.

WEST - Wrentham Elementary Schools Trust
How WEST Began?

The Wrentham Elementary Schools Trust, Inc. (WEST) was established in 2007. Through business sponsorships and private donations, WEST provides Wrentham educators with an additional source of financial support for curriculum enrichment programs that currently fall outside the reach of the schools’ operating budget. WEST is not a substitute for the school budget.

Why WEST Is Essential
Providing the best education possible is important to all. The fact is a school system that prides itself on excellence proves to be essential to the economic and social health of the community. The idea of an education foundation is not new. As demonstrated by our neighboring towns, we strongly believe our efforts will dramatically influence the quality of our children’s education as well as impact our community in a very positive way.