My Give Back Program

Helping Our Communities and Local Nonprofit Organizations

The GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program is committed to assist nonprofit charities and 501(c)(3) organizations achieve their missions of helping our local communities and citizens in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Help thousands of people per year

by hiring a Company GIVING-BACK,

and create a donation to local Participating Nonprofits.

Massachusetts and Rholde Island businesses donating to charity

The mission of the GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program is to increase private, non-government funding for nonprofits serving our local communities and citizens. We do this by creating a "bridge" between nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies that participate in the program.

Local nonprofits provide important value and services that improves the quality of life for the people they serve. By using the web site as this virtual "bridge" between the local for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations, we facilitate and connect site visitors and consumers to both types of organizations. Through The GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program, we increase donations to Participating Nonprofits when a customer finds and hires a Company GIVING-BACK. At the same time the customer hires a Company GIVING-BACK, they choose a Participating Nonprofit to receive a donation at the completion of the job or service.

Create Bridges of Home and Charitable Giving in MA and RI

The GIVE-BACK donation is paid by the Company GIVING-BACK, not the consumer. There is NO COST to the the consumer. The amount of the donation is based on the company's pledge as described at the top of the company's profile page on this site.

LOCAL COMPANIES HELPING THEIR COMMUNITIES: All of the Companies GIVING-BACK make donations based on their particular services and ability to support the program within the legal regulations of their licensed industry. The majority of Companies GIVING-BACK are local, and provide services a consumer might otherwise hire by finding them in the yellow pages, local newspaper or other advertising. By hiring any of companies and services listed on, YOU DIRECTLY HELP YOUR COMMUNITY and the mission of a Participating Nonprofit. We like to call this a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario.

NO CATCH and NO COST: if you're a consumer using this site, it's important for you to know that there is no cost to a consumer or client to participate in The GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program. 100% of any donation is paid by the participating Company GIVING-BACK.

A growing list of the Companies Giving-BACK can be found on the left menu of this web page, and is constantly growing. Be sure to bookmark our web site and check back whenever you need to hire a reputable company or service. In fact, if you know of a company that you would like to have join our program, we would be delighted to consider them. Have them contact us for more information about the program and how it works.

CREATING A GIVE-BACK Donation: It the consumer that creates an opportunity for their favorite nonprofit to receive a donation, and it's as easy as following these steps:

  1. Make sure your desired nonprofit is participating in the GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program by finding them listed in the left menu under Participating Nonprofits.

    • If your favorite 501(c)(3) organization isn't currently enrolled to receive donations through the GIVE PACK Program, simply have them contact us to receive an application and enroll in the GIVE-BACK Program.

  2. Each Company GIVING-BACK has a profile page describing their company service and GIVE-BACK Donation pledge. At the bottom of each profile page is the contact information you need to get things started. Contact and interview any of the Companies GIVING-BACK. When you hire them, they will make a donation to the Participating Nonprofit of your choice at the completion of their work and receipt of payment. You can also directly contact one of the Participating Nonprofits, and ask to speak with their "GIVE-BACK Coordinator" who can also assist you with participating in The GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program.

  3. If you have any specific questions not answered by this web site, please contact us using our contact form and we'll be glad to assist you.

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