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Greg De Simone Focal Point Business Coach, Mansfield, MA

I help business owners and professionals find solutions. Every business has different issues and needs. I help find the right solution at the right time to address them.FOCUS:I get results for the business owner, the entrepreneur or the business professional by working with them to achieve their business and personal goals faster than they could on their own through clarity, focus and direction. While our process works for any type of business, I excel when working with established, successful business owners who already know they are successful, but who also realize that they could achieve even greater success beyond where they are today. I know we can get you and your business the results you desire by using a structured, yet flexible, business coaching process that we develop by leveraging your own successful business experiences and incorporating the work of Brian Tracy, the world-renowned author, speaker and expert in business growth and development. The FocalPoint Business Coaching approach is customized to focus on the specific situation of each business. While the needs of each client may vary, the end results are usually very similar, i.e., increased productivity and greater profitability….and many clients also report an enhanced “quality of life” achieved through an improved balance in work vs. home time, energy and enjoyment.

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Greg De Simone, Business Coach

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