Participating Nonprofits

Participating Nonprofit Organizations and Charities

The list of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and charities directly receiving donations and benefits by participating in the

GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program is growing!


As a resident and consumer of goods and services locally, you can make a difference in our community. You have a better and more empowering choice when it comes to the people that you hire locally and who share your love for helping support programs that make lives better.

YOU can increase funding for the causes you believe in supporting by interviewing and hiring any of the Companies GIVING-BACK that are listed on this web site and then choosing a Participating Nonprofit to receive a GIVE-BACK donation through our program. Best of all, there's no cost to you to create a GIVE-BACK donation to a Participating Nonprofit, and you'll receive the same high quality service that you would normally expect.


It's easy to help your favorite Participating Nonprofit organization or charity benefit through the GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program. Here is a list of steps to get started:

  1. Make sure your desired nonprofit is participating in the GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program by finding them listed in the left menu under Participating Nonprofits.

    • If your favorite 501(c)(3) organization isn't currently enrolled to receive donations through the GIVE PACK Program, simply have them contact Bob Simone at 888-877-8300 to receive an application and enroll in the program.

  2. At the bottom of each profile page describing either the nonprofit or for-profit company is the contact information you need to get things started. Contact any of the nonprofits listed under Participating Nonprofits, and ask to speak with their GIVE-BACK Coordinator, and they will assist you with connecting with one or more of the Companies GIVING-BACK. You can also directly contact one or more of the Companies GIVING-BACK; they will also assist you with participating in the GIVE-BACK Program.

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If you are a 501 (c) (3) organization, contact us to participate in our GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program and increase the funding for your mission.

Contact Better Living Real Estate, LLC to Participate in the GIVE-BACK Program

Bob Simone is the Broker & Owner of Better Living Real Estate and creator of our GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program. Contact Bob at 888-877-8300 to participate and make a difference!