Education and College Planning

Education and College Planning for Students and Families

Education and planning for the expenses that surround important decisions for parents and students has never been more important in an economy that has reduced many family budgets and their ability to pay for education. National statistics show that cost for education and debt associated with it is rising year over year. Local, state and federal government and assistance with higher education at colleges and universities is under immense strain and are forcing the price and planning of higher education to be evaluated more closely that ever before. Nonprofit, public and private education believes that every child and adult should have an opportunity to improve their education and access to the assistance they need to achieve their goals. We support education based nonprofits, schools, and private companies that provide college and university planning. We strongly recommend that you interview and only hire expert that you find is best for your education and planning needs, regardless of their GIVE-BACK participation. We want to make sure that you connect with the best advisors possible. We advertise our participating experts to you in the left menu under the Education and College Planning link. Just click on the triangle arrow head next to the heading to expand the list and see all of the education planners available to you.

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