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Lu Annatone of The Junk Removers of Canton, MA

Lu Annatone is the owner of The Junk Removers, Inc. He started his 6th year in business this past October. Lu is a former Realtor who understands impeccable customer focus.The Junk Removers provide a simple service. We remove any kind of junk and debris for many different clients. Our removal services are based on the amount of space we load up in one of our large dump trucks.You don't have to do a thing, we do all the labor to remove the items anywhere on a property and load it on to the truck, clean up the area and haul it off to a recycle or transfer facility. All very easy and simple!Whether your project is residential, commercial, industrial, non-profit or a municipality, we’ve done big and small jobs including removal of single items to basements to warehouses to offices to yard debris to full house and estate clean outs. The biggest part of our business is helping you regain your valuable space, get your house, office, facility ready to sell or ready for a new tenant or just cleaned out for your own stuff.

We are proud to say that currently nearly 60% of the items we pick up are diverted from a landfill through recycling, donation or general reuse. The Junk Removers are committed to keeping the communities we serve healthy. Our dedication to responsible junk removal and belief that we are making a difference for future generations fuels our quality environmental procedures.

If you are ready to have your junk, debris or garbage removed or just in planning stages and looking for a reasonable, reliable company that prides itself on outstanding customer service then visit …Where business is always picking up!Lu grew up in Dedham and still lives there today with his wife Erika and their twin 5 year old girls, Olivia & Isabella whose favorite song is “I love trash!” by the legendary Crooner Oscar The Crouch.In his limited spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, reading about history and relaxing on the beach.

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