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  • Emerging from the Great Recession, both individuals and families are more aware and concerned about their financial condition and goals than ever before. Smart and knowledgeable financial and retirement planning combined with estate planning can help you build and preserve wealth. Good planning is all about meeting or exceeding your financial needs and goals. Years ago, when a person thought about "financial planning" they may have stereotyped wealth management into several categories including : stock brokerage, pension, 401k, insurance and annuities. These are all traditional terms and ideas that pre-recession planning used to describe as how someone should invest their money. None of them either by themselves or together are wrong, but without solid and expert advice from qualified experts including financial planners , these solutions don't necessary constitute a sound financial plan that grows and protects your money.A more modern and comprehensive approach to ensuring that your financial needs are inline with your financial and asset planning typically involves consulting several experts including:financial advisor or CFP©

  • estate planning attorney

  • insurance agent

  • accountant

Financial and Wealth Planning

We recommend that you interview and only hire the the right financial and retirement planning experts that you find are best for your needs, regardless of their GIVE-BACK participation. We want to make sure that you

connect with the best financial and estate planning advice possible. We advertise our participating financial experts to you in the left menu under the Financial and Estate Planning and Legal Services and Attorneys. Just click on the triangle arrow head next to the heading to expand the list and see all of the wealth management experts available to you.

Wealth and Retirement Planning