How do I choose a nonprofit to receive a GIVE-BACK donation

Post date: Mar 27, 2012 8:33:26 PM

A GIVE-BACK donation is made by a Company GIVING-BACK to a Participating Nonprofit. Both the Company GIVING-BACK and the Participating Nonprofit are required to have active profile pages on to participate in the GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program.

If you hire any of the Companies GIVING-BACK to provide goods or services for you, you can also request that they make a donation to a Participating Nonprofit. is a web site that facilitates and advertises the Companies GIVING-BACK and Participating Nonprofits, but participation in the program is voluntary. The GIVE-BACK donation only happens when the Company GIVING-BACK is requested by a customer to make the donation based on the donation pledge on the companies profile page. The donation pledge for a Company GIVING-BACK is clearly outlined on the top of their profile page. Contact with the Company GIVING-BACK or your Participating Nonprofit for more details, or you can click on our contact us form to submit your question to