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The GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program - MyGiveBackProgram.org

Together we can make a difference!

Join MyGiveBackProgram.org in our mission to positively impact thousands of people in local communities who need your assistance throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

FOR CONSUMERS: It's easy for you to help improve the lives of your neighbors in need. All you need to do to is connect your favorite nonprofit, charity or 501(c)(3) organization with MyGiveBackProgram.org. Once the nonprofit joins the GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program, they become eligible to receive donations from any of the participating Companies GIVING-BACK. View the growing list of for-profit companies making donations in the left navigation menu. On the company's profile page, you'll see the percentage or amount of the "GIVE-BACK donation" the company is willing to make to your favorite nonprofit simply by hiring them and using their services.

For example, Better Living Real Estate is listed as one of the Companies GIVING-BACK. If you hire Better Living Real Estate to buy or sell a home or other property in MA or RI, 10% of their commission from your real estate transaction is donated to the Participating Nonprofit that you choose. A GIVE-BACK donation is created simply by using Better Living Real Estate as your real estate broker and choosing your favorite Participating Nonprofit to receive the donation. You can view other GIVE-BACK donation offers by other participating for-profit Companies GIVING-BACK by viewing each of their profile pages.

FOR NONPROFITS & CHARITIES: We make it easy for your 501(c)(3) organization to directly increase revenues. Simply become a member of the GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program and have your 501(c)(3) organization listed on this site. When a person hires any of the participating Companies GIVING-BACK and choose your nonprofit to receive the GIVE-BACK donation, you instantly become eligible to receive donated revenue from the Company GIVING-BACK based on the donation amount they advertise on their profile page associated with this program. View their company profile page for more details on how our participating Companies GIVING-BACK are participating in this program. There is no limit to the amount of donation you can receive. The more people that chose your nonprofit through MyGiveBackProgram.org and the participating Companies GIVING-BACK, the more donations you receive. There's no catch, and it's that simple! Contact us to learn more and receive a 501(c)(3) Participation Agreement today.

FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: Join MyGiveBackProgram.org in our mission to help thousands of people in communities throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. If you would like to participate in our GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program and create your own GIVE-BACK donation, contact us for more details. When a new customer hires you through MyGiveBackProgram.org, you'll be asked to make a donation to a Participating Nonprofit which is chosen your customer from the nonprofits listed on this site. Become part of a growing for-profit business community that does more for people in need. You'll be "Doing Well by Doing Good." The GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program is a bridge between the for-profit and nonprofit companies that participate and want to do more for our local communities.

Together, we can make a real difference!

Contact Better Living Real Estate, LLC to Participate in the GIVE-BACK Program

Bob Simone is the Broker & Owner of Better Living Real Estate and founder of the GIVE-BACK Charitable Donation Program. Contact Bob at 888-877-8300 to participate and make a difference!