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Amazing Wedding Photos and Senior High School Portraits - Greatest Photographers with REAL TALENT, CREATIVITY, SPECTACULAR IMAGERY, PERSONALITY, PROFESSIONALISM, PASSION ...

... Yes, That's how Black Thumb Studio photography is described by our clients through testimonials that can be found on our web site and in conversations.

We're Black Thumb Studio, and we specialize in the art of photography to make your memories and images more that just photos, they are a story about you, your life, your passion, your memories and your most special times and moments of in your world.

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Black Thumb Studios Wedding Photographer,  East Bridgewater MA
Black Thumb Studios, Massachusetts Wedding Photogrpahers

About Black Thumb Studio

How did you get that name?!

We use Nikon professional DSLRs when we shoot. We found that when we’re shooting all day, the black rubber on our camera literally wears right off the camera onto our thumb. Seriously! We’d be happy to show you!

With that in mind, we felt the name “Black Thumb Studio” was a true representation of who we are as photographers – passionate, hard working, a little outside the box and self-sacrificing. We’ll do anything we need to get THE shot.

Black thumb Studio, Massachusetts Wedding Portrait Photographer

Where is your studio?

Everywhere! Although we don’t have a permanent physical indoor location where we shoot, we see the world around us as our studio. We prefer a variety of environments for our photography and because our focus is on wedding photography, we have not found a studio of our own to be a priority. We have many different locations we photograph regularly and have exclusive access to some really cool properties as well.

High School Senior Portraits and Photography by Black Thumb Studio in Massachusetts

About Jeff Turner - Photographer

Photographer Jeff Turner was raised in Somerville, MA. Born the “son of a preacher man,” he quickly learned the values of diversity, humanity and unconditional love. He has always had a passion for adventure and travel and can remember sitting in church listening to the stories of visiting missionaries. Jeff’s love of the outdoors grew out of the many weeks he would spend in New Hampshire with his family.

Jeff Turner Photographer at Black Thumb Studios in East Bridgewater, MA

Jeff earned a B.A. from Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA. It was at ENC that his love of photography took root. A school trip to Venezuela with one of his early photography mentors, Rob Larocco, made a lasting impression. Jeff’s elective photography class with the provocative Carl Winderl earned Jeff the only A+ of his school career.

Jeff Turner, Massachusetts Photogrpher

Jeff’s love of nature is evident in his compelling portraits and his evocative landscapes of New England. Jeff’s self-proclaimed “in the moment” wedding photography appears both intimate and spontaneous. An inveterate traveler, Jeff’s African animal photos were the inspiration for his pet photography business. In addition, Jeff enjoys shooting social events as well as family and child portraits. His work has been featured prominently on a number of times.

Family Portraits and Photographs by Black Thumb Studio

Jeff regularly wakes before dawn to venture out and capture the world as it welcomes another day. On the rare occasion that he sets the camera aside, he heads for the White Mountains to play. Whether skiing, camping or hiking, he’s still a nature boy at heart.

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Jeff Turner, Photographer | Black Thumb Studio

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