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David Rourke, Financial Planner, Wellesley, MA

David Rourke is the director of The Relaxing Transition to Retirement Program. David has helped hundreds of individuals and couples plan and enjoy their retirement by creating a comprehensive, customized roadmap for each client.

As the Director of The Strategic Planning Group and the founder of The Relaxing Transition to Retirement Program, David and his staff implement and monitor the unique program for their clients. Strategic Planning Group helps those facing retirement to make decisions without worrying about work to support their lifestyle.

Before founding The Strategic Planning Group, David was a registered representative for Prudential Financial Services. He graduated from Holy Cross, where he earned a degree in Economics. David is actively involved with civic and charitable causes, including the Newton Kiwanis Club, Newton Kiwanis Charitable Foundation, and the Boys and Girls Club of Newton. David lives in Wellesley with his wife Ann and their five children.

The Relaxing Transition

There is a certain point in our lives when all of us stop, reflect, and wonder if we have saved enough money to be able to stop working and still live the life we've always dreamed of. This is what we refer to as The Employment Dependency Crossroad.

If you're like most people at The Employment Dependency Crossroad, your mind begins to race to all of the possible dangers that you face, like running out of money and becoming dependent on your children, or your inability to manage your situation as you get older, or even just your lack of confidence in your knowledge about investment diversification or tax laws.

Yet, at the same time, you have a sense of excitement at the opportunity to finally do what you've always wanted to do, and just relax without worrying about work or money. But, can you afford to do it? And, if so, how should you do it? The Relaxing Transition To Retirement Program answers these two questions for you.

For more than twenty years, The Relaxing Transition To Retirement Program has helped people, who were at The Employment Dependency Crossroad, develop the confidence they needed and deserved to transition to the life they've always dreamed of.

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